Welcome to Niazi Group of Companies

Niazi Group of Companies is Pakistan’s renowned business identity, serving since 1960. Niazi Group of Companies is a well-respected and credible name in the whole community. Niazi Group of Companies is successful to achieve a dominant status in multiple sectors including construction business, real estate projects, transportation network, logistic services, tourism industry, bricks manufacturing and agricultural farming.

Our Mission
“Choose Your Future, We’ll Shape Your Destiny”

Our Objectives

   To perform an imperative role in development of Gwadar City
   To provide a network of comfortable and affordable transportation services
   To establish a channel of secure and fast logistic services
   To develop exemplary commercial and residential schemes
   To manufacture high quality facing bricks with impressive patterns
   To boost agricultural forming via up-to-date technologies
   To promote Pakistan’s tourism industry

Niazi Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd.