Welcome to Gwadar Promotion Alliance

Gwadar Promotion Alliance is a multi-functional special interest group, dedicated to participate in the promotional activities of Gawdar deep seaport locally and globally. We welcome local authorities, technocrats, traders, builders, architects, investors, financial institutions, cargo & shipping companies, political & social figures, marketing & advertising agencies, TV, media & press related professional to become our member and associates to uplift our noble cause to promote Gwadar seaport.


   To promote Gwadar locally and internationally
   To represent Grwadar on several different business and economic forums
   To deal with local, provincial and federal government body
   To deal with press and media
   To deal with technocrats and policy makes
   To keep an eye on national and international current affairs
   To keep track record of important events and daily news
   To develop and circulate newsletters and press releases
   To conduct seminars ensure lectures and workshops
   To participate in exhibitions and trade shows
   To conduct members’ monthly annual and special purpose meetings
   To conduct regular research and development related to geo strategic issues
   To fight against the all negative propagandas and to promote the reality