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New Niazi Goods is a Local & Country wide Transport company that manages the movement of cargo via land to destinations all over the country. We are your full service logistics providers. New Niazi Goods develops comprehensive service plans tailored to meet your specific requirements. This is accomplished by learning our customers' exact objectives with regard to their internal and external requirements, thus ensuring that New Niazi Goods will provide your company with first-class, quality services more consistently than any other goods forwarding company.

New Niazi Goods Transport Co. is a full-service transportation company based in Lahore, Pakistan. Our stress on top-quality service has made us one of the most dynamic moving firms in Pakistan. Our staff representing over 30 years of experience in high value, time sensitive location logistics, provide you with a faultless global solution for all your belongings. We have associate transport companies at various destinations. New Niazi Goods Transport Co has built a reputation and brand based on providing the consumer with professional and prompt Vehicle Transportation at an affordable price.

Our proactive approach ensures continuity of service and enables us to maintain a long-term relationship with our customers. To be a dependable feature in our customers business and an extension to their shipping department is what keeps our business moving forward. We are have our own fleet of trucks and also at our disposal vehicles of all types through associate transport companies so as to cater to the particular requirements of our clients at any given time.

New Niazi Goods Transport Co. is a company valued well over 500 million and has grown exponentially more than 10% per Annam over the last three years showing its competency and professional nature of working. New Niazi Goods Transport Co. Whether you are moving locally or Nationally, choosing New Niazi Goods Transport Co. is the best move for your cargo.

Quality is not an option, but a necessity. For a company to survive and thrive in an environment of National competition, that company must provide a level of customer satisfaction that will lead to customer loyalty. However, it is impossible to achieve customer loyalty without first providing a quality of service that will ensure total customer satisfaction

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