“Crown of The Best Commercial Schemes”

Al-Noor Cargo City

The title “Gwadar’s largest commercial scheme” Al-Noor cargo city holds this distinct Al-Noor cargo city is also known as Gwadar’s first strategic commercial scheme. Al-Noor cargo city is situated in the mid of Gwadar airport and Gwadar Sea port. It has one-kilometer-wide front on the 205ft wide main Baluchistan Broadway and 150ft wide Existing coastal highway. Al-Noor Cargo City gives an eye-catching stance to both local and international investors due to its strategic location. In addition, just 1500 yards distance to Deep Sea East Bay gives another edge to Al-Noor Cargo City.


“Making life worth living”

Adan Villas Murree

A perfect blend of modern comfort and classic touches to ensure highly inspirational green life. Adan Villas are famous in Bhurban due to their inspirational location and lush green valley views. The Villas are a perfect blend of modern comfort and classic touches. The Villas are result of dedicated efforts by renowned architects and designers that ensure their finest mastery. Scale of beauty is comparable with World class villas. We are not just selling villas, but sharing our love for mountains with our prestigious clients.


Care from source to destiny

Niazi Logistic Corporation

Niazi Logistic Corporation provides services to companies by complementing or replacing their internal logistics operations with a cost effective and efficient third-party source. Our logistics services include warehousing, distribution, fulfillment, transportation or a combination of all logistics operations. By offering warehousing and distribution services, value-added services, and warehousing logistics services, Niazi Logistic Corporation become an integral part of its customer’s supply chain.


Project of Niazi Group

Unique School System

An educational system isn’t worth a great deal if it teaches young people how to make a living but doesn’t teach them how to make a life.” Unique School System is as unique as its name – situated in the heart of Lahore. The mission of its pioneers is to educate and train the students of today for an enlightened tomorrow so that they can act as the saviors posted on the boundary walls of their beloved land. We emphasize the latest technology as computer science affects every aspect of our lives. It will continue to place increasing demands on education, business and industry so that the workforce of the future is equipped with the necessary skills to thrive in the digital age.


Project of Niazi Group

Urban College

Education is an epithet which distinguishes man from the rest of the creatures of Allah. The significance of learning cannot be overlooked as it helps man to explore new vistas and dimensions of life. It enables him to excel over his fellow beings and secure a place of distinction. As the human civilization is making great strides forward, it is offering man a highly competitive environment in which survival and well-being is for those who can move ahead at the required pace.

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